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Success depends on your decisions


We provide the insights into your competitive environment to help you make the best strategic and tactical decisions.

Business research tackles challenges

Some business challenges can keep you awake at night while others cause a generalized level of discomfort.

Insight Researchers clients often face challenges such as these:

Entering a new market
Do you understand the key players, opportunities, and threats to succeed in that marketplace?

Decreasing market share
Is the loss due to changing customer needs? New competitor offerings? Dissatisfaction with your offering?

Surprised by a
competitor’s move

Do you know enough about the company? Can you minimize future surprises?

Market understanding

If you want to grow, be competitive and avoid mistakes, it’s essential you know as much as possible about your external environment to position yourself to succeed. An early warning system can catch changes in the marketplace as they develop.

“Business environments change rapidly. If you can identify changes in the marketplace sooner, they become opportunities. If you identify them later, they become threats.” Shelly Azar, Founder, Insight Researchers

Are you monitoring all that you should about your external environment?

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What some of our clients have to say:

Insight Researchers was instrumental in establishing the framework and best practices for our market intelligence program. We are part of a Fortune 500 company with both mature and emerging offerings. …

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Director of Product Marketing

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The changing external environment

Insight Researchers is a market intelligence firm that provides customized business research and analysis to help you make the best strategic and tactical decisions.

We focus on what’s happening beyond the four walls of your business. With our help, you’ll have the insights you need to successfully compete in the marketplace.

Customized intelligence to meet your needs

Your strategic goals and the intelligence you need are unique to the issues, challenges, and opportunities your business faces.

Our work is customized too — specifically to meet your requirements. All projects are designed to provide the answers and perspectives you need.

Our clients seek these kinds of insights to support their decision-making

  • In-depth information about prospects, customers and competitors
  • B2B customer needs and decision-making
  • Market opportunities
  • Industry trends
  • Changes in competitive landscape
  • Competitor monitoring
  • Vendor comparisons
  • Answers to questions they don’t know how to get

Projects often fall into one or more of these categories:

People research

Understand more about groups of people (stakeholders) and individuals.

Company research

Learn more about a company than appears on their website.

Industry/market research

Identify trends, best practices and much more.

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Partnering with Insight Researchers

Insight Researchers partners with clients for a variety of reasons

  • Expertise – We are skilled researchers and analysts
  • Resources – We have the time, access to databases and manpower to get the job done
  • Third-party advantages – We offer both objectivity and anonymity

Knowing you can call our trusted and experienced professionals to conduct the research, and provide the intelligence you need, will give you both peace of mind and the confidence to make wise decisions.

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