Case studies

Exploring new markets

A manufacturer of an industrial material sought new markets for its products and requested analyses of two industries/opportunities (on a worldwide basis).

Intelligence provided
Primary and secondary research provided overviews of potential new markets. The research included:

  • Market size and geographic distribution
  • Leading vendors in the industries
  • Anticipated growth and pricing trends
  • Review of relevant technologies
  • Alternative products/technologies already in the marketplace

Understanding the potential markets gave the company the intelligence it needed to assess the value of these new opportunities.


Market Entry / Go to market strategy

A financial services organization required analysis to assess a specific market opportunity and to determine a go-to-market strategy.

Intelligence provided
Broad-based research incorporated primary and secondary sources to provide a market overview. Research areas included:

  • Growth drivers, existing solutions with respective ROI stats, and explanations of how the industry operated
  • Regulations and tax considerations
  • Overview of companies active in the industry
  • Identification of potential leads (for partners and customers)
  • Identification of relevant industry conferences

Results & deliverables
Detailed presentation educated management and salespeople on the market and the best ways to enter it.


Future of product line

To reduce costs, a business services client streamlined an offering to offer fewer features. Sales, however, were disappointing. The client desired customer feedback to help formulate the product roadmap.

Intelligence provided
Existing customers were interviewed to determine:

  • Segmentation of customer base
  • Identification of ideal target customers
  • Understanding of customers’ decision-making process
  • Statistical analysis of what customers valued
  • Insight into other options customers planned to use

Research revealed that customers wanted the solution’s discontinued features. This insight enabled the client to make strategic decisions about the product’s future.


Current awareness services

A client in a dynamic, high-tech industry wanted to be certain that it was continuously aware of industry developments, related regulations and technologies, competitors and new entrants into the market, on a weekly basis.


  • Reviewed news sources, websites and blogs from industry publications, trade associations and competitors in the market
  • Monitored industry-specific online forums to understand issues of interest
  • Tracked merger & acquisition activity in industry
  • Listed key industry trade shows/conferences worldwide and key companies that were exhibiting at them
  • Identified and read relevant reports by industry analysts
  • Analyzed solutions/messaging offered by all industry players
  • Attended trade shows and conferences and participated in webinars to learn more about industry developments

Deliverables / intelligence provided
  • Weekly newsletter highlighting relevant developments, including links to specific articles
  • Company profiles were created and updated weekly to include all new information
  • Periodic environmental scans were performed to analyze factors confronting industry and their significance

Continuous awareness of changes taking place in external environment enabled client to formulate both strategic plans and tactical sales strategies, while minimizing risks and surprises.


Win/loss analysis

An industrial company wanted to learn why it was winning and losing various deals so it could make decisions about product enhancements and gain insights to increase its market share.

Conducted both online surveys and in-depth telephone interviews to gain insights from customers (wins) and lost prospects (losses) in companies around the world.

Deliverables / intelligence provided
Detailed reports containing analysis, quantitative charts, and qualitative (verbatim) findings about interviewees’ decision-making processes, as well as their thoughts about client’s product(s), sales process, marketing materials/messaging, competitors, pricing, etc.

Findings, which helped determine R&D priorities, marketing strategies, sales strategies, etc., were so beneficial that client decided to institute win/loss analyses for additional product lines with results to be submitted quarterly.