Insight Researchers was instrumental in establishing the framework and best practices for our market intelligence program. We are part of a Fortune 500 company with both mature and emerging offerings. The team worked closely with us to identify our short and long term intelligence goals, then recommended the tools and methodologies required to meet those goals. They have expertise in macro (environmental scans) and micro (win/loss) analyses that enabled us to increase our winning percentages and improve product positioning. Thanks to Insight Researchers our market analysis has matured from ad hoc to disciplined. I have personally worked with them for over 4 years and highly recommend them for companies of all sizes that want to differentiate in the market and win.

Director of Product Marketing

Insight Researchers’ findings stopped us from investing more resources in a product that our customers did not value. Without this market intelligence, we would have lost twice – by wasting investment dollars and missing our earnings targets. Using customer interviews, Shelly Azar showed us our market segmentation, buyers’ motivations and decision-making criteria to define a product roadmap based on market needs. Although the findings didn’t give the feedback that I hoped to receive, it was a prudent investment before moving forward with product development. Shelly brings significant insight and an ability to communicate with a wide range of stakeholders.

CEO of a software firm

We are a start-up firm and are in the process of introducing a new B2B product to the market. We were testing several different markets and wanted to learn how to better meet customer needs to be more successful. We hired Insight Researchers to do a win/loss analysis–to interview both current customers as well as those who did not implement the service. The report we received provided valuable insight and was thorough and complete. It indicated where not to go and told us we need to do something different. It confirmed some things and told us that the previous direction was not working. As a result of this analysis, we have now formulated a new strategy and feel more confident in our new path.

CEO of a start-up company

I had asked for actionable insights, and we got them in spades.

President of a professional association

Thorough, detail oriented and analytical are the three things that come to mind first when I consider the work Shelly did that was utilized by my team. In addition, Shelly was always willing to go the extra mile to explain her findings and even do additional follow up to support us.

Marketing Manager of a financial services firm

This document … WOW … The presentation, the graphics, the clear summary, highlighting key responses and statistics. It’s so well done and presented, so clear and easy to read. Thank you all for the hard work done to make that possible from the data.

Marketing director of a non-profit organization

Shelly is extremely professional, a very skillful researcher, very thorough and methodical, very detail-oriented, and able to pull it all together and give “the big picture.” People with Shelly’s level of expertise and ability are very rare. As if all that weren’t enough, she is also great fun to work with! Shelly is definitely my #1 choice when I am looking for U.S. business researchers to work with.

Principal of a research firm

Our re-positioning … has been a good decision. Your work gave me the cold hard facts I needed to make that change. It’s just as important to know who your customers are not.

President of a software company

Shelly Azar is a strategic planner with exceptional analytic skills. She is extremely detail-oriented and very well organized. She provides her clients with actionable information for their strategic planning purposes.

President of a research and consulting firm