Company research

Company research

Knowledge is power. You’ll be in a stronger position to make important business decisions if you better understand companies of interest.

Company research may be for

  • Customers
  • Prospects
  • Partners
  • Acquisition targets
  • Competitors
  • Suppliers
  • Investment opportunities

Insight Researchers can help you identify and learn more about specific businesses.

Company profiles/analysis

In-depth company profiles provide a detailed overview of a target company. They are the starting point for comparative benchmarking and will give you a better understanding of how the business works.

The information you need is not always easy to find. While you can search Google, and find a lot of information about a company on their website, the breadth and depth of that information is limited.

Insight Researchers has the skills and tools to dig deeper. By looking using a wide variety of open and fee-based sources — and possibly conducting interviews too — we can obtain and analyze the information you need.

Company profiles can be customized to your needs. Topics commonly covered are

  • Key personnel
  • Financials
  • Business strategy
  • Marketing messaging and strategy
  • Product and services
  • Partners
  • Industry events they attend, and more

Identification of leads/prospects

The ease with which you can target prospective customers is industry-dependent. Some B2B companies can target almost any business while others focus on specific vertical or horizontal segments.

But what do you do if you are targeting customers with a very narrow focus, and mailing lists don’t exist? Insight Researchers can help.

Customer story
One Insight Researchers client with an innovative technology product asked us to identify leads in a specific industry — but only those who had a high number of violations of a specific environmental regulation.

By making some calls and using a database available on the invisible web, we identified leads and provided our client with a list of names, addresses, and contact information.

Identification of competitors

In some industries, it’s easy to know exactly who your competitors are. In others, or if you’re heading into new markets, you might not be sure who you’re up against.

Insight Researchers can help you learn more about the competitive landscape

  • Who are your direct competitors?
  • Who are indirect competitors?
  • What kinds of substitutes or alternatives exist for your product or service?

Of course, once you identify them, the next step is to learn more about their offerings, go to market strategy, messaging, customers and more. That’s where the company profiles [link to that section] help.

Benchmarking/vendor comparisons

Many of Insight Researchers’ clients place a high value on our vendor comparison research.
Vendor comparisons provide information vital to making the right decision

  • When you need to source a new product or service
  • To check if you’re getting the best deal from your current supplier
  • To benchmark best practices
  • To assess how well your marketing and positioning compare in the marketplace

Knowing what else is being offered in the marketplace can allow you to differentiate from other vendors to achieve a competitive edge.

Understanding best practices within your own or adjacent industries can enable you to adopt what works best and learn from some of the mistakes of others.


Example of benchmarking/vendor comparisons

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Example of benchmarking/vendor comparisons

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